How race nights work

Everything you need to know.

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How does a Race Night work?

Whether you’re expecting 50 or 100 people or even more a Race Night is a great fun way to raise money for your local charity, club or school. A typical evening lasts for up to 3 hours (can be shortened if required) and will consist of up to 8 horse races, selected randomly from a choice of DVD’s.

Before each race the betting desk (Tote) will be opened where, for a minimum stake of usually £1, bets can be placed on the horse that you expect to win. The race will be shown on a big projection screen with sound delivered via a 2-speaker PA system. With commentary provided throughout the race, coupled with exciting close finishes, lots of cheering and rivalry can be expected. At the end of the race the winning horse is confirmed and also displayed on the screen; those lucky ticket holders that bet on the 1 st place horse then collect their winnings from the betting desk.

How is the money raised?

The Race

For each race, the takings from the tote are split between the winners and the fund raiser. Usually this split is 50/50, so for example; if £100 is taken in bets then £50 will be split between the winning ticket holders and £50 to the fund-raiser.

Ticket Entry

Charging for entrance to the night can really help towards your fundraising target, even covering your overheads before the night begins. In my experience most people are happy to spend up to £5 for a ticket. 100 people quickly translates into £500 raised!

Race Sponsors

Consider finding sponsors for your races prior to the night. The sponsors name will be advertised on the Race Card, complimented with various announcements over the night. If you can get sponsors to pay up to £25 for a race then this will raise up to £200.

Name a Horse and be a Jockey

Great for those unable to attend the night but would love to contribute somehow. Prior to the evening, for £2 get your friends or colleagues to buy a horse and name it and for a further £2 they can be the named jockey. The horse name, owner and jockey will appear on the Race Card and if their horse wins, they will win a prize. With 64 horses to sell, this can raise up to an additional £256 (less costs for prizes).

Double Card / Tote Trio Forecast

To run on the night, race-goers can bet on who will finish 1st and 2nd in order, or the first 3 horses past the post.

Last Race Auction

An exciting way to draw the event to a close with the horses being auctioned off to the highest bidders.


Self-explanatory! Who doesn’t love hearing their winning ticket number called.

How much will your Race Night raise?

This is obviously dependent on how many race-goers you get to come along to your event and of course whether any of the pre-event selling (horse / race sponsors etc.) can be done beforehand. It is not uncommon to raise over £1000 (after overheads) for over 100 people; and of course I will help you all the way before the night and during the night to make your evening a great success.

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